Sunday, January 15, 2017

11.5" Fashion Doll 3/4-Sleeve Tunic Crochet Pattern

It is a icy weekend here, so I am crocheting in front of the TV and binge watching Netflix. Great way to pass a Saturday.  Since the weather outside is frightful, I decided that I need to make a warm tunic for Barbie today.  It can be worn by itself as a dress or with some leggings/pants for a warm outfit.  I am still working on some variations to the pattern that I can hopefully have ready soon.
Barbie Tunic

Barbie Tunic

Size 7 Hook
Size 10 Thread
Main Color and Accent Color Thread needed. 
I used a Lavender/Lilac for Main Color and Dark Grey color for the Accent.

Sc = Single Crochet
Ch = chain

This pattern is worked from bottom to top.
Start with Main Color:
1: ch 42, join with 1st ch, ch 1, sc in all, join (making sure that your sc is straight), ch 1, turn
2-20: sc in all, join, ch 1, turn (42)
21-32n: sc-43, ch 1, turn (Do Not Join) (43)

Back Right Side:
B33-B37: sc in 11, ch 1, turn
B38: Switch to Accent Color, Sc in 11, ch 1, turn.
B39: sc in 11, ch 1, turn
B40: sc in 11, tie off.

Back Left Side:
Join Main color to row 32 left side, ch 1
Repeat Rows B33-B41 on Right Side

Join Main color to right edge of arm in row 32, 12th Sc from back opening.
F33-F37, sc in 21, ch 1, turn
F38: Switch to Accent Color, sc in 21, ch 1, turn
F39: sc in 21, ch 1, turn
F40: sc in 21, tie off.
Whip stitch shoulders together starting at sleeves (Front to Back) in the first 4 sc from each arm hole

Join Main color to under arm stitch, ch 1.
1: Sc in each sc side, join, ch 1, turn (18)
2-18: Sc in all, join, ch 1, turn.
19: Switch to Accent Color, sc in 20, join, ch 1, turn.
20: Sc in all, join, ch 1, turn
21: Sc in all, join, tie off

Bottom Dress Edging:
1: Using Accent color, Join to 1st chain stitch at joining, sc in all, join, ch 1
2-4: Sc in all, join, tie off
Weave in all ends. Sew Hook and Eye or Snap to back neck.
Stop Joining to make it easy to slip on and off.
Sew Shoulders together.
Row 1: Join and then Sc in all.

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